Internship, Externship & Scholarship Programs

Internship Program

McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital is a full service Equine exclusive practice, located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Spokane, Washington – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Region.

Annual Caseload:  15,000+  Average Caseload per Veterinarian:  20-60/week.

Terms of Employment:  One Year-beginning on July 1st through June 30th.

 Benefits: Pre-Requisites:
 Internship Salary:  $25,000 Passed National Board Exam
 Paired Intern Program State Licensing in place for WA & ID
 On-site Housing
 CE Time Off & Stipend 
 Liability Insurance 
 HRA/HSA after 90 days 
 Vacation Days 

MPEH provides experience & mentorship to veterinarians that will give them the confidence & skills to succeed in equine practice.  The successful applicant will enjoy relationships that will carry over for many years to come.

Externship/Scholarship Program

MPEH also offers an educational Externship Program to qualified veterinary students.  Two weeks is the normal suggested time frame.  Housing is available.

We are excited to offer a $2,500 Scholarship to Externs!   Consideration for the scholarship award is based on completion of a minimum two week Externship with MPEH and a written essay.

Application Process & Additional Information:  Brandi Wurtz – [email protected]