Internship, Externship & Scholarship Programs.

Internship Program

MPEH Offers an excellent one year Internship Program to graduates.

 Benefits: Pre-Requisites:
 Paired Intern Program Passed National Board Exam
 On-site Housing  State Licensing in place for
 Vacation Washington & Idaho
 CE Time Off & Stipend   
 Liability Insurance   

MPEH provides experience & mentor-ship to veterinarians that will give them the confidence & skills to succeed in equine practice.  The successful applicant will also enjoy relationships that will carry over for years to come.

Externship Program

MPEH also offers an educational Externship Program to qualified veterinary students.  Two weeks is the normal suggested time frame.  Housing is available.

Externship Scholarship Program

We are excited to offer a $2,500 Scholarship to Externs.   Consideration for the scholarship award is based on completion of a minimum two week externship with MPEH and a written essay.

For further information on our Internship, Externship and/or Scholarship Programs, please contact: