Brandi Wurtz<br><font size="4"><a href=""></a></font>

Brandi Wurtz
[email protected]

HR Lead
Brandi Wurtz was raised on a small farm in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. She spent all her time on horseback
Nichole Gilbert<br><font size="4"><a href=""></a></font>

Nichole Gilbert
[email protected]

Veterinary Technician
Nichole grew up riding horses in the mountains of Northern Idaho. Her love for horses came early and naturally for
Morgan Shank<br><font size="4"><a href=""></a></font>

Morgan Shank
[email protected]

Lead Technician
Morgan was born & raised in North Spokane where she developed her love for horses. Morgan spent many years working
Diane Gleason<br><font size="4"><a href=""></a></font>

Diane Gleason
[email protected]

Lead Customer Service Representative
Diane was raised on a 257 thousand acre cattle and sheep ranch in southwestern Montana. From a very young age,