Externship Program

Externship Program

MPEH also offers an educational Externship Program to qualified veterinary students.  Two weeks is the normal suggested time frame.  Housing is available.

Meet Our Team

Brandi Wurtz<br><font size="4"><a href="mailto:brandi@mpevh.com">brandi@mpevh.com</a></font>

Brandi Wurtz
[email protected]

HR Lead
Brandi Wurtz was raised on a small farm in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. She spent all her time on horseback exploring back country trails with
Nichole Gilbert<br><font size="4"><a href="mailto:nichole@mpevh.com">nichole@mpevh.com</a></font>

Nichole Gilbert
[email protected]

Pharmacy & Inventory Lead
Nichole grew up riding horses in the mountains of Northern Idaho. Her love for horses came early and naturally for her. Nichole first worked in
Morgan Shank<br><font size="4"><a href="mailto:morgan@mpevh.com">morgan@mpevh.com</a></font>

Morgan Shank
[email protected]

Lead Technician
Morgan was born & raised in North Spokane where she developed her love for horses. Morgan spent many years working as an instructor & trainer
Diane Gleason<br><font size="4"><a href="mailto:diane@mpevh.com">diane@mpevh.com</a></font>

Diane Gleason
[email protected]

Lead Customer Service Representative
Diane was raised on a 257 thousand acre cattle and sheep ranch in southwestern Montana. From a very young age, she was involved in the