Here's what some of our clients
have to say.

"Once again, you have provided the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful embryo transfer! This time it resulted our lovely filly. She was awarded first premium at the KWPN-NA keuring at Sonnenberg Farm in Sherwood, Oregon Among the compliments from the keuring jury, was praise on the quality of her movement. I have another amazing dressage prospect! Thank you for your exemplary work...it is truly appreciated!"
-L. Morton-Gramyk

"I just want to thank all of you there at McKinlay & Peters for taking good care of my horse. Everyone I met there, you are very much appreciated. It is so nice to have such a welcoming, competent staff and nice facility. Sincerely,
-S. Hanson

Amazing job!!!
-N. Anthony

"We are so blessed to have MPEH! Little did we know in 2010 that we would find an incredible vet and clinic to be a lifetime partner with our horses."
-D. & D. Leigh

"Even though I don't have horses now, in my heart I always will. I do enjoy client appreciation day. Thank you - & my three little donkeys thank you too!"
-Laura C.

"You visited my farm to look at my mare who'd suffered some unknown trauma. After 10 days she was very unsteady. You performed radiographs of her neck to my insistence. You put her on medication for 13 days. I waited an additional week before turning her out for an hour, then progressively longer until now she is penned at night only. Her second day out she galloped with the other horses across the field. I thought it was all over. It wasn't. She is holding her own and is feisty. I thank you for trying where others didn't and giving her and us more time to enjoy life."
-B. Jones Reichert

"I just wanted to thank you for your very compassionate care of my horse. Your last few words to me about him ring over and over in my head, "We would need a miracle...". Well, several days later, I think I am ready to profess that I have observed a miracle. He (who I have had for 20 years) beat this overwhelmingly death inducing affliction--he is doing so much better. Eating normally, drinking more than he has been during this whole winter, nickering, and moving around quite well, my sweet boy is back! I am so thankful that you helped me to decide to wait, just a bit longer. He has beat the odds, with your care, and God's grace. He is a miracle horse! Thank you so much."
-D. Montandon

"Thank you so much for all the hard work Saturday. My 39 year old mule was down in our barn and couldn't get up. It didn't look good for her. But the doctor didn't give up on her even when my faith in a good outcome wavered. After hours of working with her ourselves, the doctor and technician returned and helped us get her up on her feet. It seemed to us like a miracle! What a relief to have them there and to have a happy ending!"
-R. Reineke

"I was attending a clinic north of Vancouver, Washington when I pulled in for a livestock inspection for the first time in 10 years of traveling the Northwest with horses. The inspectors there were familiar with MPEH! Everything checked out fine and I was even thanked for pulling in for the inspection. The chiro work on Salsa really helped her out. She is willing to speed up and rate back down great now and her spins are something to die for! Thanks to all of you for helping keep the critters in top shape."
-L. West

Appreciate that ya'll are always dressed and equipped as professionals! Appreciate your recommendations for future care. The doctors' patience is a virtue - we could've hustled one of my horses up into the (stocks), but it is nice that the doctor is always patient with her. You are reliably professional!
- S & M Sicilia

We appreciate the many years of professional, compassionate vet service you have provided to us and our animals. Thank you
- G & C Grant

Thank you so very much for your genuine care, professional expertise and friendship. Here's to a year of healthy animals, but should that not happen, there is nobody else we would have care for them.
- M & T Kamitomo

I just want to thank all of you for your kindness - with appreciation.
- M Young

Thank you all for your help and fabulous vet work! Without you all it wouldn't work.
- T. Beamer

We so appreciate your help and thoughtfulness. Thank you again for your kindness.
- R & D. & K Benson

To the entire team that made (my horse's) surgeries successful, thank you for taking care of my sweet boy...you are all the best!
- L. Brooks

Thank you for all the help..the Doctors and staff make having horses much easier!
- D. Sharp & Family

Certainly want to extend heartfelt thanks for all your tender care. Thank you for hearing me when others didn't. An excellent team, wonderful people! We are extremely grateful we have you! God Bless.
- D. Russell & Family

Thank you so much for all of the love, care & compassion you provided us. (Our horse) has quickly settled into his new home and is doing fantastic! Thank you again for all of your support and help!
- Shannon & Courtney

We just wanted to thank-you for coming all the way to Medical Lake and caring for my horse! Thank you for being so compassionate with her and us. You are a wonderful vet.
- Sunny & Karen